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Wow! A new pet! Now What?

Here are some of the pieces of training that you might want to undertake with a new addition to the family.

When you receive (or purchase/adopt) a new pet for your family, you might be taken aback on the sudden addition to the family and hence be caught unaware of the things that you will need to do.

Take for example when my cousin received a 5 week old Shih Tzu with a playful personality. She didn’t know about the dog’s needs as well as its playfulness. She was caught unaware when she (the puppy) started to growl and jump onto strangers when she brought her for a walk. The puppy would merely lay on the floor without wanting to move, and my cousin was perplexed! If she had sufficient preparation, that wouldn’t have happened.

I thought I would write a little article on tips to help prepare you to not to be caught off guard. Below are some of the tips and tricks that you would need to know.

Understanding your pet:

It will be vital for you to understand the dog’s breed as well as its personality. You wouldn’t want to be caught in a situation at which the dog does not require exercise, but you always bring them out for long runs!

Getting to know your pet:

Of course, you would need to prepare your pet so that they will be able to fit well into your family. Your puppy will have its own temperament, but researching for an hour or so will help get you at least familiar on how to deal with the situation. Here are some of the pieces of training that you might want to undertake with a new addition to the family.

Housebreaking, potty training, socializing will be important in allowing your pet, as well as your family, to have an excellent living environment. While going through your new lifestyle adjustment phase, it also helps with communication and bonding.

For housebreaking, I don’t mean breaking the house for the pet. Preferably, it is a process at which you should take to let your pet understand the rules and regulations that they will need to follow. This will ensure that your pet does not destroy the furniture around the house as well as not shredding any paper along the way too.

When it comes to having a new pet in the family, potty training will be one of the most important tasks too. While not so important for cats, since cats are known to love cleanliness, it will be important for new dog owners to note that potty training will be essential for your dog. This is unless you would want your dog to poop and pee all around the house. While it may take time to train the new dog properly, it will be extremely beneficial to you in the long run.

Two things I would immediately do if I were to get a new dog or cat is to let them know where it is safe to use the bathroom and when they are safe to hang out while we get to know each other.

For cats, immediately show them the little box. Cats are very good at understanding that this is their place to do their duties. I would also allow them to hide if they need too, but I would confine them to one room with a baby gate (try to use the room with the litter box). When they are ready, they will jump out. If they allow you to hold them, please cuddle and hug them as much as possible. Cats can quickly forget that affection is excellent! However, don’t overwhelm them, if they are not ready for cuddles or to interact, just make sure you are close by and talking to them even if they don’t respond right away. Eventually, they will understand you mean them to no harm and your place is safe. Then the cuddle fest will begin, particularly when they start to get hungry.

For dogs, this can be a little more complicated when housebreaking them. It really depends on the age of your dog. If you have a puppy, I will make sure they are in one room and have weewee pads handy. When they do go on the weewee pad, reward them! If they don’t just clean it up and ignore them. They will start to understand (a matter of weeks) the weewee pads are good.  Eventually, you can bring them outside. Keep track of their duties on a timeline so you will know when to take them out when they are ready.

If you got an older dog or puppy and they can go outside because they are vaccinated, I would start with taking them out every two to three hours until you know their schedule. Yes, it’s just like taking care of an infant, so it is a perfect moment to teach your children about what you went through and the responsibility of puppies. Older dogs will most likely give you cue of their bathroom needs, pay attention to how they look at you because they are trying to communicate with you.

It’s important to love your puppy and start training them right away. It sounds silly, but training helps the communication between you and your dog. The dog wants to please you, so use it to create the bond. Of course, never forget to play and cuddle with your new dog! However, let them come to you. If you force yourself on a dog, they might react. If your dog never comes to you, let it sniff your hand. It’s in nature to protect themselves in an unknown environment and with strangers.

It shouldn’t take very long to know your dog’s temperament, but please make sure you are around when your children play with the dog. Some kids may not know when exactly to stop playing.

The same goes for your new cat. Kids may not understand that your cat will need some space and you are the adult will need to know when they stop the interaction. With adult cats, allow your kids to talk to him while he is hiding, would enable them to learn patience and have some bonding them. The cat will start to understand that these strange voices mean them no harm.


Having a new addition to the family can really be a nightmare, or it can be a fantastic event. It all boils down to your level of preparation as well as how well both your and your pet adapts to a new lifestyle. Last but not least, while changes will be needed, you will need to be mindful of not overdoing things and getting overwhelmed. Things will not be perfect for a while. So, do your research on what works best for you and your new pet and have fun! #

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